Fortnum & Mason – Together We’re Merrier

turkey-and-butcherTogether We’re Merrier 2016

This year’s Fortnum & Mason Christmas display presents nine festive stories. Each story tells the tale of an unlikely pairing. The idea is that the pairs have put aside their differences for the festive season. Following Brexit and the US election, which has divided friends, family and generations, Fortnum & Mason says the campaign aims to celebrate “the coming together of family, friends and foes.”

Each story, specially illustrated by artist Brett Ryder, has been expertly hand-sculpted into 3D versions and painted by theatre makeup artists. Each window also includes a secondary story featuring mice having their own Christmas moment. The pairs are not just in the window – the store Atrium has a giant sun and moon embracing.

The pairings are :-

  1. the sun and the moon
  2. the bull and the china
  3. the wolf and the sheep
  4. the early bird and the night owl
  5. the Lobster & the Chef
  6. the boy and the Brussel spouts
  7. the polar bear and the penguin
  8. the tree and the woodcutter
  9. the turkey and the butcher


Alice At Fortnum & Mason  2015

Last years Fortnum & Mason Christmas display was an Alice-themed extravaganza to celebrate the release of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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