The Thinking Drinkers are back in London

Guides to the legends of Liquor Having seen their show in Edinburgh this summer, I can recommend going to see The Thinking Drinkers.  [youtube]   The show, by award-winning drinks writers Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, is on at The Museum of Comedy on 9-12 december2015 and 17-23 December 2015. Age recommendation: Strictly 18+ as… More The Thinking Drinkers are back in London

Wine Tasting

The pleasures (and pitfalls) of wine, beer and spirits have been with us for centuries. Wine jars from 7000 B.C from ancient China indicate wine being made by fermenting fruit, rice and honey. In 4000 B.C. ancient Egypt considered beer as one of the foods of life and a dietary staple. Wine tasting – an… More Wine Tasting