Love themed Treasure Hunts in London

Treasure Hunts in London have produced two love themed treasure hunts this month. Themes of Love Treasure Hunt at the Wallace Collection Working in couples, the treasure hunters solved clues and puzzles as they explored the Wallace Collection. The explorers were surprised how many cupids could be found there……and how many Shepherd & Shepherdesses! The Wallace Collection… More Love themed Treasure Hunts in London

Wedding Trends

 Wedding trends What is predicted to be big in 2016? According to The Huffington Post there are 14 new trends including mid-wedding wardrobe changes for both brides and groom. Food is popping up in centrepieces, while flowers are appearing on wedding gowns. Mini popsicles and donut displays are gaining popularity, as are secondary “satellite” bars featuring a… More Wedding Trends

Love and Marriage

Marrying for Love? According to historian Stephanie Coontz, marriages for love and personal reasons began to appear in Europe in the 14th century. Down the ages different wedding trends have evolved over time. With Valentines Day fast approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to discover how artists have represented love and marriage over the centuries. The Love and Marriage… More Love and Marriage

Using Treasure hunts to engage kids with art

Montana Museum of Art & Culture In March the Montana Museum of Art & Culture held a treasure hunt to engage kids with art. Why use a treasure hunt? Museum docents are quoted in Dillon Kato’s report as saying:- “We really want kids and families to engage with the pieces more.” Anne Bertsche “The vision is that families… More Using Treasure hunts to engage kids with art