What are some of the basics of a murder mystery?

To start with you need three characters. First you need the murder victim. And with this character, by default, you need the murderer. Unless your denouement shows it was all an accident or suicide. And the third character you need is the person (or persons) searching for the murderer. You’ll need to keep your audience guessing The Murder… More What are some of the basics of a murder mystery?


Escape games are great for a night out with friends. One such game is Major Plott’s Revenge. The story goes that Major Plott used to run the world’s best spy-ring. However, it was infiltrated and smashed by the Scottish Secret Service at their Edinburgh HQ. Demoted and jailed in Siberia, Major Plott has since escaped and is seeking… More ESCAPE HOUR EDINBURGH

Aberystwyth Mon Amour

Where would you expect to find a hardboiled detective? The mean streets of Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, possibly ? How about the parochial Welsh town of Aberystwyth? Well that’s where Malcolm Pryce’s hardboiled detective can be found. But this Aberystwyth is run by shady Druids. There are whelk-stalls as well as sexy dancing girls. And even an ice… More Aberystwyth Mon Amour