Who plays Escape Rooms?

Research was conducted into the Escape Room Industry in 2015/2016.

The themes

Historical themes are popular for escape rooms, especially in Europe. Escape from prison is another popular theme. In the North America movie based themes are popular. Other popular themes for Escape rooms are:

Time Travel, Medical, Bank robbery, Horror, Spying, Mining, Paranormal, Fantasy, Living room, Stop bomb to explode, Science, Mob, Science, Alchemist, Supernatural, Terrorist, Vault Robbery, Life facts, Hackers, Race to the game, Games based and Famous detective.

Local games for local people?

People usually visit their local escape room. The research showed that for almost 80% of Escape Room operators more than 70% of their players are local residents. Only 8% of Escape room operators rely on tourists rather than local players. 

The research also highlighted the fact that 94% of Escape Room Players are under 40 years.

Why are Escape Room Games many played by a younger audience?

The over 40’s should give Escape Rooms a try.  Escape rooms get you working together to solve puzzles. They challenge the brain, making you try perform tasks and discovering new ways of doing things.

And they are great fun!

Escape room in Brussels
Escape room in Brussels


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