What’s the biggest threat to your relationship?

Financial troubles, intimacy issues, emotional misunderstandings. What’s the biggest threat to your relationship? Surprisingly the biggest treat to relationships is unmet expectations.

“I have seen the pain and frustration that plays out from having unmet expectations, not just in marriage, but in all relationships. It’s a deadly venom that flows to the heart and wreaks havoc in relationships,” says Derek Harvey in Inspire More.

Relationships coach James Preece agrees.

“Unmet expectations are a huge relationship killer,” he explains. “People tend to enter marriages or long term relationships expecting the other person will change their ways. They think that over time they’ll be able to mould them into someone else. This only leads to disappointment and anger.”

So what is his advice?

“Accept your partner for who they are,” he advises. “strive to work as a team to overcome the inevitable struggles that all couples face. Set goals together and work towards them. Not only is that more fun, but you are much more likely to achieve them when someone is spurring you on.”

What fun goals can you and your partner work towards?


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