Wondering what to give your true love this Christmas?

Knowing what present to buy your loved one can be tough. But do you really want to give them a farm’s worth of livestock and a party load of people?

Pity the poor recipient in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

This traditional English Christmas carol, first published in England in 1780, tells the story of a series of gifts from “my true love”. There have been a number of different versions of the lyrics over the centuries but all feature an ever growing list of animals birds and people.

Instead, why not give your true love the gift of adventure?

The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt takes place at The National Portrait Gallery. You’ll be exploring this top London art gallery, searching for items mentioned in the Christmas carol.

There is no need to worry if you don’t know all the words. We’ll give you a list of the standard ones in your clue packs.

 And after all that activity, its time to relax….

Sit back and relax as you share cocktails at a secret location where presents and prizes will be distributed.

No livestock will be involved.

Tickets for Saturday 26 Nov 2017 are available from Treasure Hunts In London

Group tickets for Friday 1 Dec 2017 and Thursday 14 Dec 2017 are available here


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