Playing computer games

The over 55 age group is the fastest-growing sector on Facebook. And they love playing computer games. Four out of ten women over 55 told a survey by YouGov for Lady Geek that they were gamers.  Men over 55 are more likely to enjoy fast-paced action titles.

The problem older gamers face is reaction times. Games designer Steve Ince told SAGA magazine that manufacturers need to be more inclusive. ‘Many of us older people don’t have the reactions we used to have, or simply don’t like the button-mashing challenge of many hardcore games. Many mature players prefer games they can take their time over, or ones that offer a cerebral challenge instead of a reactive one. I play action games on an ‘easy’ setting these days, partly because I want the fun without a difficult level of challenge.’

A study at North Carolina State University found that adults over 65 who played any type of game were happier, and had improved cognitive function. Dr Jason Allaire told SAGA magazine ‘In our research, we found that gamers scored better on measures of wellbeing – they were happier, they experienced more positive emotions during the day. They tended to have lower levels of depression compared with people who didn’t play games.’

There are many benefits to playing computer games. Spending time playing computer games with others can be an enjoyable sociable experience. Some of the most successful titles are online games where you play with people around the world. And there are other benefits from playing computer games.


Avoid memory loss and cognitive decline

Completing Sudoku and crossword puzzles can help slow or even contribute to preventing the onset of dementia, so playing computer games must have health benefits too.

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Help improve your hand/eye co-ordination

Playing on a regular basis may help you improve your dexterity.

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Help with your balance

Although our sense of balance can deteriorate as we age, it’s worth getting checked out if you suffer a loss of balance to check you don’t have a medical condition like vertigo.

Loss of balance can lead to falls, but you can take steps to help retain, and even develop, your sense of balance. steps which include playing  computer games.

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