Crossword Puzzle Day 21st December

Crossword Puzzle Day

This is your opportunity to start sharpening your pencil and get sharpening your brain.

To celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day, try solving a crossword or creating a crossword puzzle of your own. Varieties include acrostic, arroword, and skeleton crosswords, as well as straight and cryptic crossword.

Elizabeth Kingsley

The first double-crostic puzzle was published in the Saturday Review in 1934. It was created by Elizabeth Kingsley. She went on to write puzzles for the New York Times between May 9, 1943 and December 28, 1952.


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Can crossword puzzles keep your brain young?

According to BrainHQ  this is a myth. While they may improve your ability to find words, they don’t help your brain’s overall cognition or memory.

However, you can make them more challenging and push your brain to the next level. To do this set a time limit and see how fast you can complete the crossword. Or, try solving a puzzle that’s harder than you normally try.


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