Looking Good Dead

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We saw Not Dead Enough by Peter James in 2017 when it was turned into a play by Shaun McKenna. Shane Richie played DS Roy Grace. Now Shaun McKenna has turned another of the Peter James’ Roy Grace series into a play. This time the star is EastEnders icon, Adam Woodyatt.

We were surprised to discover that Adam Woodyatt was playing Tom Bryce, not DS Roy Grace, in this play. Tom Bryce is the hapless victim who puts his family in danger having found a USB memory stick that links to a subscription snuff movie site. Having seen a murder, the family are in danger….

The Bryce family, played by Adam Woodyatt, Laurie Brett and Luke Ward-Wilkinson were great in their portrayal of a disfunction family in danger. As for the police, this “Roy Grace” was less likable than his Shane Richie character. The best cop being DC Bella Moy played by Gemma Stroyan.

And do believe the hype – It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the chilling final moments!


No good deed goes unpunished…hours after finding a discarded USB memory stick, Tom Bryce, inadvertently becomes a witness to a vicious murder. Reporting the crime to the police has disastrous consequences, placing him and his family in grave danger. When Detective Superintendent Roy Grace becomes involved he faces a race against time to crack the case and save the Bryce family’s lives.


Looking Good Dead is currently touring. Dates available at https://www.peterjames.com/plays/lgd-tour-dates/


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