We awoke to an urgent text message from one of the City Adventurers, telling us we needed to visit the British Resistance Museum in Bethnal Green. No sooner the word than the deed and we quickly headed off to find out about the famous resistance heroes known as The Charlie William Five.

About the Museum

Museums about major historical events are commonplace. Museums of alternate history are rare. Step inside the museum of the British Resistance to the Nazi invasion and explore the wartime shelter from which the liberation of the United Kingdom in 1944 was organised. Our museum guide is knowledgeable, and the story of the British Resistance is a thrilling one, but something is very wrong with one of the exhibits, and someone may be reaching out to the present from the past with a desperate cry for help……”

The interactive show

So, not your normal museum then. No, this was an interactive show from Parabolic Theatre. It tells an alternative history, exploring what might have happened if the war had gone very differently and British Resistance forces needed to be deployed to overturn a Nazi invasion.

Don’t panic – I’m A Meteorologist!

We arrived early at the museum, which is housed in the crypt of St Peter’s Bethnal Green. We had a drink in the small bar and chatted to the bar tender before being taken on the tour of the museum dedicated to the British Resistance. Set up like a normal museum, it was strange being shown around exhibits showing how Britain had been invaded.

It is important to pay attention to the tour as later on you will need to remember things you’ve been shown and information you’ve been told. Towards the end of the tour there is a sudden supernatural twist to proceedings and you will be thrown in to help……

You’ll need to keep your wits about you. Mine deserted me at one point and I announced I could be trusted because “I’m A Meteorologist!” It was the first thing that popped into my head. I’ve no idea why. (This is not a spoiler – you do not need to make weather forecasts)

It was enormous fun to take part in this event. A bit like starting with a museum trip and ending with an escape room. Highly recommended.

Tickets for this show are available on Design my night

For information on other shows by Parabolic Theatre and at the Crypt, click the links.

The British Resistance Museum
The British Resistance Museum

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