Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella

The City adventurers were lucky enough to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cinderella. It was recently announced it will close early on 12th June 2022. This came as a shock to the current cast and to those hired to take over from them!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical is a darker version of Cinderella

This is not the pantomime fairy story Cinderella. Sure it has the crystal slippers, the royal ball and the transformation from rags to ballgown. It’s just that it turns them on their heads and makes them a little bit darker.

The story is set in the idyllic town of Belleville, filled with picture perfect inhabitants. Well, all except one. Enter Cinderella. Rather than the downtrodden servant of the fairytale, this Cinderella is a loud-mouthed yob who likes creating problems for the town. But she’s not bad really. Just misunderstood.

Her only friend is shy and geeky Prince Sebastian. Second in line to the throne, behind his much tougher brother Prince Charming. That is, until Prince Charming is killed at war.

Now Prince Sebastian, as heir, is thrust into the limelight and must choose a bride who will one day be queen.

The staging is spectacular with lavish costumes, wonderful dancing and fantastic songs. We were advised to make sure we were back in our seats in time for the second act which begins with the Royal Ball. Throughout the show the stage had been revolving, moving scenes into place. But the Royal Ball is something new entirely. Spoiler alert : The audience move too!

Although this is a very modern take on an old story, true to form it has a very happy ending.

We loved the show and can recommend it.

Cinderella - photo by Juliamaud
Cinderella – photo by Juliamaud

Currently on at The Gillian Lynne Theatre. Catch it while you can. Tickets from

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