Want to host a 1920s themed murder mystery party?

Do you want to recreate the era of the flappers, gangsters and prohibition?

USA in the 1920s. . . . a time of gangsters and speakeasies and a great time to set a murder mystery party.

St Valentine’s Day Masquerade


It is Chicago, it is 1923, and it is the time of prohibition.
Danny ‘Diamond’ Ditali, the infamous rum runner and gang boss has a problem. Last night he ordered 8 hits by eight members of his gang.
But now he hears that one of his victims is now in the hands of the FEDs, and squealing like a pig. Yet all his gang reported success, so how can this be?
Who lied to him? Who is still alive?

A murder mystery with a difference, Who Didn’t Do It?

St Valentine’s Day Masquerade is for 8 Players and costs £ 20 from ITM Games.

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