Experiential Events and Social Team Building

A recent report showed people value experiences over things. Across the generations, people value sharing experiences with friends and family. By creating, sharing and capturing memories they form closer connections and bonds and can deepen relationships.

Aim to make experiences more memorable and enjoyable.

Experiences are not just a form of passive entertainment.

True, they can be a passive experience such as watching a film or a play.

But they could be more interactive, such as with audience participation in a show.

In fact by combining the four elements that make up an experience, the experience can become more memorable and enjoyable. It has been shown that activity is even better when it is shared with a group as activities can spark creativity, imagination, and innovation.

So what are the four elements?

The Harvard Business Review lists the four elements that make up an experience as:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Esthetic
  • Escapist

Combining entertainment and education with esthetic qualities and escapism leads to the richest experiences.

Social team building  is great!

Social team building is a way of providing people with memorable and enjoyable experiences. It involves getting people to participate. Actively working together on something entertaining, aesthetically interesting and educating that includes escape from daily life .

Social team building offers players an enormous amount of fun while they use their brainpower working as a team to achieve a common objective. The shared experience builds new relationships and strengthened existing ones.

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