Escape from Extinction Island

Instead of playing another escape room in a box, we tried a couple of online games by Escape Room specialists Cluecracker. The first one we tried was their free online game – The Disappearance of DJ McDee.

Next up we purchased the link for Escape from Extinction Island

Escape from Extinction Island
Escape from Extinction Island

Escape from Extinction Island

For this game, you are an apprentice palaeontologist based in Kent, working on a top secret project. Extinction Island is a man-made island, near to Mongolia, created especially to breed dinosaurs using old fossilised bones. Your mentor, Professor McDougall, lives and works on site at Extinction Island.

One day, Professor McDougall sends you a frantic video message – The Dinosaurs have broken loose!

He’s the only survivor and he needs you to access secret information and discover his co-ordinates, then send help before its too late! Will you be able to save Professor McDougall and secure Extinction Island?

This is a 60 minute game, suitable for all ages, with video, audio and image clues to solve puzzles.

There are 16 puzzle steps, including Professor McDougall’s frantic video message. As soon as you start the game, the timer starts. I’ve never wanted the intro to be over so quickly! But, to be fair, the video message from Professor McDougall is quite short.

Then it’s time to get stuck into the puzzles.

What we really liked was that all the information you need to solve the puzzle is there. You don’t need to search the internet for answers.

Nor do you have to print anything to play the game.

If you’ve got the right answer, you type it into the answer box and a box lights up for you to move on. If you’ve got it wrong, nothing happens, so don’t wait for a “try again” message. Just keep trying until you are allowed to move on. If only we’d known! (Yes, we discovered this feature after taking a hint on a puzzle to see why the button hadn’t lit).

Hints are available for each one. As before, the first is a slightly cryptic hint, while the second is more obvious and the last hint reveals the answer code. Well, as far as we know it does. We only needed a couple of first hints……and both of those were “kick me” ones.

As with all Cluecracker adventures, this has a good story line with great puzzles and a fun character giving video updates along the way.

Out team of City Adventurers saved him in 51 minutes  36 seconds.

ClueCracker offer a range of game packages

  • You can purchase a single game for a single household
  • Or a “Family and Friends” bundle, giving two households access to the one game
  • Or The Complete Collection for a single household
  • Or The Complete Collection for Multi households
Buy a game (or more) by visiting Clue Cracker Online Games


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