Your good china

Have you noticed that you haven’t used your good china in a decade?

Chances are you didn’t use it because it was “for Best”. And now you don’t use it because you’ve acquired an array of mugs you use all the time. You may also make your tea using a teabag in the cup rather than a teapot, and make your  coffee instant or from a machine.

None of your kids want your best china either, so no point in trying to off load it to them.

Considering taking it to the charity shop, where it will sit on the shelf  next to everyone else’s good china?


Time to use it. Throw an afternoon tea. Invite friends for coffee. Make it an occasion.

And while you are drinking and laughing remember the people who gave you the best china in the first place. Family members no longer with you. Friends who clubbed together to buy you the complete set. Work colleagues from long ago.

And be grateful that their kind thoughts and best wishes from ages past are helping to create your present……and future.




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