Love Letters on Valentines Day

Last year Beagle Street Life insurance company asked people to vote on the greatest love letters ever written.  Top of the list was the letter Johnny Cash sent to “the greatest woman I ever met”, his wife June Carter, on her 65th birthday. It was followed by Winston Churchill’s letter to his “darling Clemmie” in 1935.

But what if the love letter you got was less than romantic?

Clip courtesy of Youtube. Copyright retained by video producers



Taken from Beagle Street Life insurance company


Johnny Cash wishes wife June Carter Cash a happy 65th birthday (1994)

Winston Churchill tells wife Clementine Churchill of his undying love (1935)

John Keats tells next door neighbour Fanny Brawne he can not live without her (1819)

Ernest Hemingway professes his love to Marlene Dietrich (1951)

Napoleon Bonaparte sends his love to Josephine de Beauharnais (1796)

Richard Burton tells Elizabeth Taylor of her beauty (1964)

King Henry VIII expresses his love for Anne Boleyn (1527)

Beethoven pens his love for his ‘Immortal Beloved’ whose true identity remains a mystery (1812)

Gerald Ford reminds wife Betty Ford of his and their family’s love for her shortly after she was diagnosed with breast cancer (1974)

Jimi Hendrix tells his “little girl” to spread her wings (date unknown)”



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