The first-ever Olympian to be disqualified from a Games for drug abuse.

The Mexico City Olympics in 1968 were the first games to introduce anti-doping laws which resulted in Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall becoming the first-ever Olympian to be disqualified from a Games for drug abuse .

A steady hand and nerves of steel are required for competitive pistol shooting. Swedish Modern Pentathlete, Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall, achieved this by steadying his nerves with a strong drink. Unfortunately, the newly-introduced anti-doping laws tested for performance-enhancing substances. The tests showed Liljenwall  to have “excessive quantities” of alcohol in his system. He confessed to competing under the influence of “two beers” and had to return his bronze medal.  His teammates were also forced to return their gongs after a lengthy inquiry. With hindsight, they were perhaps hard-done-by: as many as 14 of Liljenwall’s rivals are rumoured to have tested positive for tranquillizers during the pistol-shooting in Mexico. But they went unpunished, because tranquillizers were, at the time, not on the official list of banned substances.

Hans Gunnar Liljenwall from Top 10 Athletes Who Lost Their Olympic Medal

Someone who knows about drug use, is Chester Toyes in Teddy Bear’s Picnic .

This is a murder mystery game for 6 Players by ITM Games, priced at £18.


Set in the 1980′s world of big business and fluffy toys.

You are invited to the launch of the new range of toys called “Teddy Bears Picnic”, where things are not as innocent as they seem.

A year ago Theo Edwards, co-founder of the Edwards toys company died of a drugs overdose. The company was taken over by co-founder, Chester Toyes. The other co-founder of Edwards toys, Penny Whistle, remained at the company as a toy designer.

Ryan Storey is a journalist sent to cover the launch of the new product range. But what else will he discover about the company founders and the others on the estate such as

  • Babette Toyes – Chesters wife.
  • Kash D Spencer – the Edwards Toys accountant
  • Carrie Honor Fair – Chester’s personal assistant
  • Ernest Statements – head of marketing and public relations

To find out you need to play Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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