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Graffiti used to be considered a transient form of art. The makeshift canvas of a mundane wall, transformed by a few sprays of paint, into a beautiful mural, tagged by its author…..until it is painted over and the mundane white wall restored. That was until the early 1980s graffiti boom which turned the streets into art galleries and Street Art became acceptable.

But street art is not limited to painting. It can also include performance.

Platform 4:UK International Touring seminar

The Arts Council England is supporting the international promotion and export of UK street arts via Platform 4:UK with a programme delivered by XTRAX. They are running a free seminar for UK Street Artists on how to sell their work in Europe. It aims to offer an insight into the European outdoor market and festivals in Europe.

Speakers include Bettina Linstrum  (ArtsAgenda, Consultant & Coach), Julia Von Wild (co-Artistic Director of tête-à-tête festival)  Bill Palmer (Founder and Artistic Director of Avanti Display) and Stefano Di Renzo( Native Italian Circus and Physical theatre performer).

Discovering (painted) Art on the Street.

Treasure Hunts in London organise the Street Art in Brixton Treasure Hunt. Blurring the lines between street and public art, this hunt features commissioned works and works by known graffiti artists. The next hunt is on Saturday 14 May 2016 at 2pm. Tickets are available at

David Bowie Mural in Brixton by Ian Thirkettle
David Bowie Mural in Brixton by Ian Thirkettle

Tickets for Street Art Treasure Hunt

Saturday 14 May, 2:00 PM


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