Street Art Treasure Hunt


windmill mural, photo by Juliamaud
windmill mural, photo by Juliamaud

In the 1980’s Brixton saw graffiti as a way to brighten the area. Consequently, the council began commissioning street art.

This has resulted in a lot of street art, which the London Mural Preservation Society is now charged with maintaining. Some art is by international street artists, while others is by local community groups.

Discovering art on the streets of Brixtonwp3747ea66_05_06

Indulge an appreciation for street art as you embark on Treasure Hunts In London’s fantastic game of discovery. Explore the streets in Brixton while solving a mix of straight cryptic and puzzle clues  and you’ll see art by Jimmy C, Broken Fingaz Crew, Louis Masai, and others.

You’ll also get to complete photo challenges, discover the Chocolate Museum and share an after hunt drink with other treasure hunters.

Teams of up to four people. There is no age limit for this event, although the clues are aimed at an adult audience and the event ends in the pub. 

Saturday 14 May, 2:00pm – Book tickets in advance

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