Hunting Rhino

So I’ve been checking out the street art in Brixton ahead of the Street Art in Brixton Treasure Hunt.

The Rhino by Louis Masai

One of the pieces that I wanted to see was the Rhino by Louis Masai. This was painted for the Save The Rhino campaign and can be found at the back of the Duke of Edinburgh in Ferndale Road, Brixton. Click to see Inspiringcity photo of the detail on the Rhino.

Unfortunately, my hunt for the Rhino resulted in the following photos:-

The Duke of Edinburgh pub has a large garden, perfect for enjoying a pint in the sun. But book early. Although it was empty when I visited, they are fully booked for the weekend. I’ve also been told covering the rhino is temporary.

In 2014, Louis Masai painted 10 pieces around London in 7 days for the This Is Now campaign. The aim was to draw a parallel between the animals fragile existence and the transient life of Street Art representations. In April 2015, London Calling noted that, of the ten pieces painted for the campaign, only three survive to be viewed.

The other Louis Masai paintings to be seen in Brixton are the bee painted  for Save The Bees and the Stag Beetle.

Hunt the Street Art

Join the hunt for Louis Masai paintings and other street art on Saturday 14th May 2016. Tickets are available for the Street Art Treasure Hunt which starts at 2pm and ends with after hunt drinks.

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