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This bank holiday come on a treasure hunt and discover London’s countryside and urban heritage. 

Chingford is a suburb of London on the London/Essex border. The town began as a scattered farming community comprising of three forest hamlets. In 1844 the Church on the Green established the prominence of the Chingford Green hamlet .

During Victorian times nearby Walthamstow and Leyton experienced a surge in urbanisation, but Chingford remained an agricultural parish until the arrival of the Great Eastern Railway.

The town is on the edge of Epping Forrest, which is owned by the City of London.

Listed buildings in Chingford that border Epping Forrest 

A ‘listed building’ is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of architectural or historical interest. There are a number of listed buildings in the area, including:-

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge Rangers Road E4 – Grade II 

The ‘GreateStandinge’ commissioned by Henry VIII in 1543 from which the aristocracy would view the hunt across Fairmaid Bottom.

 Butlers Retreat Rangers Road E4 – Grade II 

A 19th Century timber framed weather boarded barn, converted in 1891 into a ‘Retreat’ serving teas and refreshments by the Butler family who ran it until 1971.

The View visitor Centre, Chingford by Juliamaud
The View visitor Centre, Chingford by Juliamaud

Getting there.

Treasure Hunts in London are running a treasure hunt around Chingford, which is in Travel Zone 5 and can be easily reached from central London by overground train from Liverpool Street station.

Chingford Treasure Hunt

Starting at Chingford Station the afternoon combines a treasure hunt around the “urban” part of Chingford discovering the history of the area with a trip to the Epping Forrest countryside.

The treasure hunt will explore the urban area of Chingford, including the conservation area. You will also be able to visit some listed buildings on the edge of Epping Forrest, as well as spend time in “The View” where you can learn the story of Epping Forest.

Saturday, August 27, 2016  at 2pm

Tickets £20.00 including after hunt drink for all players and prizes for winning team

Tickets are available from scavengerhunts.london


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