It was murder putting on a new musical at the Orchard Theatre this week.

Literally murder as it turned out, when Jessica Cranshaw, star of the new Broadway-bound musical Robbin Hood, was murdered on stage on opening night! With the entire cast and crew suspects, it was up to a local detective, who just happened to be a huge musical theatre fan, to find the killer whilst giving the show a new lifeline.

City Adventurers were in the audience to see Frank Cioffi (Jason Manford) take charge of the investigation of “Curtains” 


This musical murder mystery stars Jason Manford and Carley Stenson. The emphasis is on musical rather than mystery. The Tony award-winning backstage murder mystery show, from the creators of Cabaret and Chicago, has loads of great songs, great singers and spectacular set pieces. 

The mystery has a number of plot twists and kept us guessing right up to the final curtain.

Curtains is on a nationwide tour, so you can still catch it.


Join City Adventurers and see if you can guess whodunit…..

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