A murder mystery board game to play with the family.

Love Midsomer Murders? You bet you do….. Love Cluedo? Of course…. Now combine the two and you have the Cluedo Midsomer Murders Edition Board Game ! The body of wealthy businesswoman Elizabeth Jones has been found in Badger’s Drift and the police suspect foul play. Your task is to find out who killed Elizabeth Jones Rumour has it that Elizabeth… More A murder mystery board game to play with the family.

Not an Easter Bunny, but a murder mystery…..

Run Rabbit Run   This Easter how about throwing a Murder Mystery Party with a “Bunny” theme? Run Rabbit Run is about a theatre production that has had some bad luck. The DeVere theatre company has returned home to the Good Fortune theatre to start rehearsals for its next production. However, its only the first day of… More Not an Easter Bunny, but a murder mystery…..

What is Genervacation?

With student loans and booming house prices some people are finding it pays to go away with mum and dad….especially where their parents continue to foot the bill. This year travel experts are predicting a rise in the number of parents taking their twentysomething children with them when they go on holiday. And the travel industry has come up with a… More What is Genervacation?

National Drink Wine Day

National Drink Wine Day February 18 Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships. The United States annually celebrates National Drink Wine Day on 18th February. Research by the University of Alberta in Canada proved that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, offers similar to the benefits of working out. Other studies show… More National Drink Wine Day

Social activities help you live longer

Joining clubs and participating in social activities is as important as fitness The new study shows that future retirees should pay as much attention to keeping active socially as they do to planning their finances and maintaining their physical health. The study showed that taking part in social activities after retirement makes people live longer, as belonging… More Social activities help you live longer

Wedding Trends

 Wedding trends What is predicted to be big in 2016? According to The Huffington Post there are 14 new trends including mid-wedding wardrobe changes for both brides and groom. Food is popping up in centrepieces, while flowers are appearing on wedding gowns. Mini popsicles and donut displays are gaining popularity, as are secondary “satellite” bars featuring a… More Wedding Trends